Budapest, the capital of Hungary

Learn about some facts and common questions about it

What is the capital of Hungary?

The capital of Hungary is Budapest.

Where is Budapest located?

Hungary is located in central Europe – bordered on Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Sloveia, Croatia and Serbia.

What’s the currency used in Hungary?

The Hungarian currency is the Forint (HUF)

How many people live in Hungary?

Hungary’s population is about 10 million people as of 2015.

Budapest is the only capital that is really two cities. While Buda is built on hills, and some of its districts might remind you of upstate New York – except that its castles and ruins are authentic – Pest is typically industrial with high buildings, popular clubs and parks for recreation.

So, those who visit Budapest for its bustling, yet classic face, or even those who wish to stay near the famous spas – Széchenyi or Gellért – they should look for accommodation in Pest, but those who are rather up for tranquility, class, history or nature, they should stay in the hills of Buda.

This city is not only famous for its parts, but also for what it has to offer. Here, history and peace mixes with modern and sizzling life. So, it does not matter if you wish to stay in a hot tub all day, or at a party all night long, this is the place to visit. Regardless of who you are traveling with, you will find something to do. For loners or those on a business trip, there are shopping malls, museums, the old town around the castle of Buda.

If you come here with your partner, spas, restaurants, medical treatment – with great food and wine – parks, or the river Danube itself are perfect places to go to. If you picked Budapest as the destination of a bachelor or bachelorette party, the Hungaroring is nearby, and you can also order a limo to visit the best spots for a party. Or, if you come with your family, water parks and the actual programs and festivities are the best choices.

As you can see, Budapest has many faces, which is impossible to know after one visit. Yet, you can enjoy all these one by one, and find something new during each and every stay.