What Makes an Online Casino Safe and Secure?

A safe online casino adheres to strict professional standards, ensuring the privacy and security of your information. It also ensures that you receive your winnings through a secure and efficient system. Here, we’ll delve into what constitutes a safe casino, how to locate one, and how to enjoy the best online casino games without running into any issues. Below, you can see exactly what we consider when searching for secure online casino sites:


Any reputable casino must possess proper licensing from a reputable organization. This ensures that they are continually regulated by an official agency, providing certain rights for you as a player and ensuring your safety.

Regular Audits

Licensed casinos typically undergo regular audits conducted by a third party. These audits thoroughly examine how the casino treats both players and player funds.

Technical Security

Technical security includes data protection and fraud prevention. We expect reputable casinos to entrust their security to a reputable company with experience in online security.

Games Fairness

Every game should utilize a random number generator (RNG) to ensure fairness, giving every player equal chances of winning. RNGs should be tested by a reputable external company.

SHA-3 Hash

Algorithm Random Number Generators (RNGs) should use a SHA-3 hash algorithm to prevent tampering. All trusted online casinos featured on this website have implemented the algorithm properly and have undergone thorough testing.

Hybrid RSA Encryption

This process ensures that every transaction is secure by encrypting the data being sent, making it impossible for unauthorized third parties to intercept it. It’s crucial for your online betting security.


Legitimate online casinos use software from well-regarded and trusted providers. Additionally, all games should have been tested for fairness by an organization like eCOGRA.

Deposits and Withdrawals

All deposits and withdrawals should be completely secure, utilizing the highest levels of SSL encryption technology. Trusted online casinos will never share your data with third parties.


Sites may be owned by larger gaming groups respected in the industry. When it comes to new organizations, extensive research is conducted before recommending any of their online gambling sites.

Online Casino Auditors And Licenses

With the expansion of online gambling laws, there has been a growth in gambling auditors and licensing bodies. These auditors regulate various aspects of online gaming to ensure stringent standards, preventing casino sites from operating freely at your expense. Here, you can learn about some industry and governmental bodies dedicated to monitoring online casinos.

Safe Online Casino Awards

In addition to the requirements for obtaining a license, some casinos go above and beyond to ensure your safety. It’s important to recognize these casinos to raise standards throughout the industry. Several prestigious contests (eCogra or ACMC) in the gaming industry grant safety awards to those that excel.

Safe and Fast Transactions with a Variety of Payment Methods

Online casinos offer a trusted array of online payment methods, all utilizing the latest security protocols to protect your money and personal details. They are also user-friendly. Some players might prefer using a Paysafecard for its enhanced security, while others might appreciate the convenience of a debit card. All our top-rated casinos offer the payment methods listed in the table below.

Are Mobile Casinos Safe?

Recommended mobile casinos adhere to the same strict security protocols as their desktop counterparts. Safe mobile casino apps can be downloaded, but it’s essential to ensure they come from a reputable source. We advise mobile players against entering personal data on untrusted WiFi connections to minimize the risk of unauthorized interception. Only share information when connected to a trusted network.

Top Tips on Staying Safe While Playing

We understand what it takes to stay safe at online casinos, having spent years dedicated to finding the safest options for our readers. Check out our top five tips below, which every online casino player should follow:

  • Never save banking details on a shared computer.
  • Avoid sharing your information with strangers.
  • Play only at properly regulated casinos.
  • Verify that games have been verified as fair.
  • Stick to playing at online casinos recommended by reputable guides like free-pokies.net

Responsible Gambling

Can you trust online casinos? Yes, you can! But can you trust yourself? If you’d like to learn more about what constitutes a safe casino experience, you can find more information on responsible gambling pages.