Hungarian Citizenship Services

A Hungarian passport stands as one of the most coveted travel documents globally, providing visa-free access across Europe, the United States, Canada, and numerous other destinations. To explore your eligibility and inquire about converting your current immigration status into Hungarian citizenship, arrange a consultation with our immigration experts.

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Citizenship Based on Hungarian Heritage

Typically, an 8-year continuous residency in Hungary is a prerequisite for citizenship. However, a streamlined process is available for individuals with Hungarian parents, heritage, spouses, or children. Surprisingly, having a Hungarian ancestor from the 1800s may qualify you. This expedited procedure can take just a few months, requiring proof of family connection and a basic knowledge of Hungarian. Our comprehensive assistance covers researching your lineage, obtaining necessary certificates, language skills testing and improvement, and compiling your application file. You can even apply from abroad, with us shipping your file directly to you.

Hungary – Citizenship After Residency?

If you lack Hungarian family or heritage, an 8-year continuous residency in Hungary is mandatory before applying for citizenship and a Hungarian passport. Nevertheless, individuals with residency in Hungary enjoy many benefits comparable to those of EU citizens, including unrestricted travel within the Schengen zone, visa-free stays in most EU countries for up to 90 days, and the opportunity to live and work in Europe. Discover the fastest route to Hungarian residency here.

Seeking EU Citizenship?

While obtaining an EU passport is desirable, the process for acquiring citizenship in a European country can be complex. We are here to assess your eligibility for Hungarian citizenship or long-term residency. If not eligible, our experts can assist you in exploring alternative EU options. Contact us for a consultation.

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